Don't Sign Until You're Fine

After a car accident, injured people will often get a call from an insurance company offering to quickly settle their claims for a small cash settlement and a promise to pay medical bills for a period of time.  These calls can be days or even hours after an accident. STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU AGREE TO ANY SETTLEMENT WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANY!

The insurance companies do this for a reason. Injured people sign Releases before they have had a chance to see a doctor, before they have returned to their normal life, and normal activities.  People assume that they will get better quickly and are anxious to wrap up the claim, or to use the money to help with a new car. But the early settlement leaves you with no option if it turns out what you assumed was wrong.  Although many people do get better, others require ongoing medical treatment for their injuries, sometimes even surgery. If they signed a Release, they could be out of luck.  Early settlements have held up in some Courts. If they have an injury that is worse than they assumed, too bad, they settled too soon. 

In most cases in the State of Wisconsin, the injured person has three years before they have to settle or file a lawsuit to protect their claim (its best to check about your specific case). Although special circumstances might exist that would shorten the three year time or require special notices within a specific time, there is no need to rush to quickly make a decision about settlement.  

The Wisconsin Civil Justice Education Foundation, Inc. (WCJEF) is a not-for-profit organization which was formed, in part, to support the rights of those injured. This obligation includes educating the public about issues important to those who have been injured in car accidents.